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The Concept

Scorbit is a connectivity platform specifically built with pinball machines in mind. This is a platform developed and maintained by a company separate from Multimorphic, and a customer asked one day if I could add Scorbit support to one of my games.

I spoke with Scorbit and determined what was necessary, then developed an integration that would work within the P3 SDK.

The Execution

Scorbit's overall platform is a series of RESTful services - so building the specific integrations was quite easy. The library can be used to track as much or as little data about a game that is running as the developer would like.

Once I had completed the programming, I wanted to give something back to the 3rd party development community at large.

I built documentation in LaTeX, so that I could easily update as changes to the service were made. A PDF version of the documentation is also in the source repository, and gives step-by-step instructions for how to integrate a game.

After securing permission, the library was released as open source, and can be used by any developer wishing to add Scorbit functionality to their game.

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