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Pinball Game - Commercial
August 2021-November 2022

Flipper Foxtrot Rhythm Explosion

Pinball Game - Commercial
September 2021-January 2022

Silver Falls

Pinball Game - Commercial
August 2020-September 2021

Ranger In The Ruins

Pinball Game - Commercial
June 2020-February 2021

Homebrew Games (Non-Commercial) - Nicholas Baldridge

Quest For Glory

Pinball Game - Homebrew
December 2019-Present

Scorbit P3 Integration

Pinball Library
August 2021-December 2021

The Multi-Bingo

Pinball Game - Homebrew
April 2016-March 2019


Pinball Game - Homebrew
July 2018-December 2021

Robo-Frenzy - In Progress

E.M. Arcade Game - Homebrew
January 2017-Present

Robo-Frenzy VIC-20 - In Progress

Computer Game - Homebrew
February 2022-Present

Hobby Work - Nicholas Baldridge

Coin-Op Carnival

Publication - Co-Author
June 2017-Present

Bingo Row

October 2015-Present

Hello Playdate

May 2022-Present

Gaming On Ten

June 2018-May 2022

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