Having spent two decades as an Information Technology professional, some skills are transferable to game and system design. Below are some of those skills.

Operating Systems - System Administration

  • Microsoft Windows Server - NT 4.0-Server 2022
  • Linux - RedHat/Fedora/CentOS and Debian/Ubuntu primarily, but comfortable with most distributions.
  • Microsoft Windows (Client) - Windows 3.0-Windows 11
  • Linux (Client) - RedHat/Fedora/Mandrake/Ubuntu/Debian/Slackware
  • MS-DOS 3.21-6.22
  • Limited Novell Netware
  • Limited Cisco IOS

Notable Server/Service Configuration

  • Asterisk telephony server - Configuration and maintenance of Zaptel/DAHDI (POTS), SIP, IAX2, and integration with disparate systems across continental U.S. - conference room, adaptive echo removal/jitterbuffer, multiple AMI integrations.
  • Samba filesharing server - Complete Active Directory replacement and domain member server configuration. Integration with Active Directory across many physical sites and configurations.
  • Nagios - Configuration and maintenance of a monitoring suite encompassing multiple physical sites and disparate systems integrations. Escalations to ticketing systems (email) and phone calls through Asterisk.
  • Request Tracker - Perl-based trouble ticket system. Programmed custom integrations with phone, email, mutiple queues, automatic escalations, and approval queues.
  • Samba - Dozens of configurations, member servers, domain controllers, full Active Directory emulation (without Windows servers), Active Directory Member Servers, user and group restrictions, and access control lists.
  • Postfix - single and multi-domain configuration, multiple mail filters handling everything from anti-spam measures, access control, and email archiving.
  • Courier-IMAP/Dovecot - Serving multiple domains, automatic cleaning of individual accounts (via cron).
  • Dokuwiki - Integration with Active Directory (emulated and real) for access control.
  • Subversion - Management of dozens of repositories with hundreds of branches/releases. Integration with Active Directory for access control. Integration with Apache (through mod_dav_svn). ViewVC for ease of code review.
  • Apache - Configurations to enable mod_perl, mod_php, mod_python, wsgi, mod_dav_svn, multiple virtual hosts.
  • XMPP Servers - Openfire/jabberd/ejabberd - Configuration to enable federation between domains, Active Directory authentication, and clustered operation.
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL - Data modifications to support major upgrades, porting between systems, data conversion and restoration.
  • Apt-Cacher/WSUS/WPKG - Automated software deployment.
  • IPTables - Design and maintenance of firewall policies for exterior and interior uses.
  • OpenSwan/StrongSwan - IPSec VPN design and maintenance for use with road warriors and branch offices.
  • Continuous security research, changes, and improvements to all services.

Programming Languages and Environments

  • C
  • 6502 Assembly
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • C#
  • Unity
  • Python
  • Javascript/HTML/CSS
  • Bash
  • Wordpress
  • Django
  • Pyprocgame
  • Skeletongame

Programming Tasks

  • Web Service Integrations - SOAP, JSON - To enable close integration between multiple companies and products. Command line interface to allow easy troubleshooting, integrated testing and archiving.
  • Shell Scripting - Glue scripts to enable integrations between various programs and products.
  • Designing and maintaining multiple websites.
  • Designing and maintaining backup systems (local, networked, NAS, and Online).

Business Analysis

  • Analysis of all aspects of multiple businesses to determine custom programming required to wring as much efficiency as possible. Management of a team of programmers to implement, resulting in continuous double-digit growth year-over-year.


  • IPV4 and IPV6
  • Full network design and implementation across multiple locations, virtual environments, and mixture of managed and unmanaged switches, and PoE supporting dozens of devices.
  • DNS (Bind and Windows)
  • DHCP
  • Configuration servers
  • Proxy servers


  • Custom client and server hardware configuration and builds for multiple companies.
  • Single and multi-processor.
  • RAID configuration.


  • Coordinated two office moves and multiple remodels requiring buildout, inspection, and monitoring of all aspects of the move.
  • License and bond compliance for a large number of employees in 8 states.

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