Drained Bite-Sized

The Concept

Create a new ruleset for the Drained playfield module on the Multimorphic P3 Pinball Platform that encourages repeat play through speedrun challenges, unique scoring strategies, and goal-based play with the Medal system.

The Gameplay

The player is once again thrust into the shoes of the friends from Drained. Upon game start, the player has a bank of 25,000 points.

Each shot on the playfield, excepting the gobble hole, will reduce the number of points held by the player. Unlike Drained, vampire battles in Bite-Sized are started automatically.

Hitting the gobble hole will slay the vampire, and award another ball in play. Up to 16 balls can be played at one time in Drained Bite-Sized, though it is unlikely that that will occur!

When all 15 vampires have been slain, the player can play the remainder of their balls earning positive amounts of points.

The time spent battling each vampire is displayed on the backbox screen, and the time spent playing the game overall. All of these feed a series of high score tables to track shortest times to slay, shortest time to game completion, lowest score, highest score, and more.

As in the base game, item sequences can be used to automatically injure the vampires during battle. Acquire enough cloves of garlic, and one vampire battle mode shot is spotted automatically. Each vampire will carry over spotted targets/items. When the vampire mode is complete, the walls and scoops will stop raising and lowering.

The pop bumper provides a multiplier every five hits. This can be really helpful when hitting the gobble hole, or after slaying all vampires, but extremely harmful if you complete a high-valued action like sweeping drop targets while switches still score negatively.

Tilting ends the player's game.

Each player has one opportunity to slay all vampires. If they lose all balls in play, play continues with the next player.

There is a very short ball save available on first ball launch, intended to prevent immediate ball loss.

New Stream-Connect commands have been added to the game, giving streamers new ways to connect with their audience.

As with the other games in the For Amusement Only Games catalog, Drained Bite-Sized includes a medal system to encourage new types of play and challenge the player to earn higher scores through the use of the P3 profile system.

The audio package from Charles Wolf Music has been licensed for use in this new game, providing a familiar soundtrack and helping players familiar with the game understand the mode shots required for each battle just by hearing the opening bars of each song.


Drained Bite-Sized retails for $99 in the Multimorphic store.

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